African Drumming Therapy

African Drumming Therapy: Starting Oct. 16th at 6pm, offered at the NSCC Kingstec Campus, in Kentville.

Playing the African djembe drum is fundamental to assisting our mental, physical and spiritual healing as human beings. No matter your ability level, it’s a highly enjoyable way of awakening primal rhythms in our human spirit. Dr. Barry Bittman, neurologist, (Yamaha and Wellness Institute, Pennsylvania, USA) has stated, “Drums represent our hearts and present the learning curve that anyone regardless of age, gender, culture, or present circumstance can do with specific rhythms on a drum.

NSCC Campus Class# Dates
Campus:NSCC Kingstec Class#:5621 Dates:October 16 – December 04, 2017

For more information, visit the NSCC here, or click here to register.

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